[DEATH TO THE CLIMAX] Pig is FUNDED & meeting this week!

Aaron Buchsbaum aarontastic at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 02:33:08 EDT 2013


I won't, sadly, be making it to the O-fest.
But as the guy who brought the Pig to the OMEN 10th, I highly recommend a
hatchback car, lining it with some plastic garbage bags, and blasting the
Hallelujah Chorus as you drive up on the library lawn.

 some random omen guy.

2013/3/13 Fiona Stewart-Taylor <f.stewarttaylor at gmail.com>

> Hey Omen friends!
> We totes have funding to buy a pig!  Like a pretty impressive pig.  We
> need to figure out how we're gonna get it to campus, but that's another
> story.  (Does anybody have a car?  Which they would like to smell like pig
> carcass?)
> Also, would anyone be excited if I brought construction paper to the
> anniversary and we had pigs related crafts?  Because that seems like a
> perfect choice to make things much worse for everyone.
> Anyway, THIS THURSDAY, 8PM, Merill A Basement, come learn more about the
> exciting adventures of People Are Still Mad At The Omen About Nathan
> Anecone, but also make a new issue, do layout, learn to do layout, hang
> out, listen to europop, etc., etc., etc.
> Love,
> Yr Editrix,
> F. Stewz
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