[DEATH TO THE CLIMAX] Distribution and so forth

Shalin Scupham sas03 at stout.hampshire.edu
Sat Nov 15 05:26:08 EST 2003

Just out of curiousity, why are there pictures of guns under everything 
I wrote in the last issue?

Hmmm?  Because, man, people have been totally asking me all about it, 
and acting afraid.  As though I were on the verge of some sort of 
homicidal rampage.  Ready to endow the school with a clocktower and a 
high powered assault rifle.  Angry and violent.

Crazy jaded older Omen folks.  I now officially come to layout all the 
time now to put giant "Steven Weissler Penises" under the responsible 
party's articles.  Fuck you, fuck your Sibbies

I've been awake far too long.


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