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jup97 at hampshire.edu jup97 at hampshire.edu
Sat Nov 15 02:41:57 EST 2003

just for the record, i submitted all those pictures of guns. i did it for a 
reason, and it had nothing to do with the things you wrote, shalin. sorry about 
that though. just a little pet project of mine. i'm happy with it, but i'm 
sorry that you got questions about it. i don't have an omen in front of me, but 
i was under the impression aaron had put my name next to them. that was the 
idea, anyway, (i thought... though i know that i asked him not to, for some 
reason - they were made partially as filler, which may have been the reason). 
at any rate, JACK DANIELS is awesome!! goodnight!!

- j

> Just out of curiousity, why are there pictures of guns under everything 
> I wrote in the last issue?
> Hmmm?  Because, man, people have been totally asking me all about it, 
> and acting afraid.  As though I were on the verge of some sort of 
> homicidal rampage.  Ready to endow the school with a clocktower and a 
> high powered assault rifle.  Angry and violent.
> Crazy jaded older Omen folks.  I now officially come to layout all the 
> time now to put giant "Steven Weissler Penises" under the responsible 
> party's articles.  Fuck you, fuck your Sibbies
> I've been awake far too long.
> -Shalin
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