[Asianmedia] If you weren't at the meeting

Katherine Elisabeth Roman ker10 at hampshire.edu
Mon Feb 14 11:50:34 EST 2011

If you weren't at the meeting...

Please email us your:

Full Name:

Permanent Address:

Emergency Contact #:


Preferred Badge name: [this can be any crazy nickname, it'll just be on your

Email address:

IF YOU STILL NEED TO FILL OUT A WAIVER, let us know too. We need to get that
back to the CLA asap!

Again, thank you all for being so cooperative. This trip is really stressful and
hard to plan, but we're making it happen with the least amount of obstacles for
you guys [hopefully!]

Current room/car assignments are on the hampedia:


They're subject to change--if yours is blank its because we're still shuffling
or you told us you're staying somewhere else.

We -had- to shuffle some people to Mike's.

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