[Asianmedia] If you didn't come to the meeting..

Katherine Elisabeth Roman ker10 at hampshire.edu
Sun Feb 13 23:46:29 EST 2011

We basically went over everything con related forever. I ranted and felt really
bad about it.

Basically what it breaks down to is this: If you didn't come to the meeting,
respond to this message and you'll get a spot in the van. Hannah and Ali and
Tim's cars are all filled.

Hotel rooms: are basically going to be gender/sex/whatever-separated. Why?
Because whether its realized or not, even though bathrooms are technically
changing areas, more than one person will be changing at once (most likely).
Some people may need help putting a costume on. Some people would rather just
be more comfortable sleeping and changing with people they know of their own
gender. To be incredibly awkward (but honest), some people may have lady-issues
going on at the time and would rather it be kept in an all girls room (awkward
to bring up, yes, but trust me, it can be an issue) Yes, there are bathrooms,
yes they can be used. But to stop any potential problems, the rooms will most
likely be one female room, one male room and one mixed room for people that
honestly have no problem with anything. Sure its only two nights, but people
have mentioned to me that, fuck, spooning someone you don't know is a bit
awkward. So we'll do our best to figure out who will be cuddling with who.

Also Hannah knows a SHIT TON about Boston. I had no idea she was from there. She
is to be worshipped <3

Any questions? Email me.

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