[Asianmedia] AB forms, PLEASE FILL OUT

Katherine Elisabeth Roman ker10 at hampshire.edu
Mon Feb 14 15:47:44 EST 2011

If you're receiving this email, it means we don't have a Hampshire waiver from
you, or the Anime Boston Registration forms, or both.

Please understand that we need a final count of people BY NEXT WEEK. This
information MUST be accurate so we need to know FOR SURE if you are attending.

We can fill out the reg form without you as long as you provide us with your:

Full first and last names as they appear on an ID

Permanent street address [home address. if you dont have one, use hampshire]

City, State, Zip

Sex as it appears on your birth certificate/any ID:

Date of Birth:

Preferred Badge name and email address:

The waivers you can pick up at G2, or we can try to pop them in your box, but
we'd prefer having you directly sign them so we don't lose track.

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