[Asianmedia] Are you still coming to AB?

Katherine Elisabeth Roman ker10 at hampshire.edu
Mon Feb 7 19:42:33 EST 2011

I know its far in the future, but we NEED a final tally of people by Sunday. If
our tally doesn't match up with the amount of money that we give the
convention, we don't get the discount and we can all have fun paying almost 70
dollars at the door. I know I'm looking forward to that.

Anyways, we've been getting a lot of "maybe"s recently, which I admit, is kind
of infuriating. We understand, but we NEED to have a final tally to get things

It looks like its far ahead, but we really have to do things now. We started
planning this about a month ago [more than that, actually] and we've
encountered all these bumps in the road, hence our urgency to pick things up.
Two months sounds like a lot of time, but its really not when it comes to

So once again, come to the meeting on Sunday. If you do not, -your name will be
removed from the list and there will be no mercy-.


your signers

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