[Asianmedia] Anime Boston Meeting link

Katherine Elisabeth Roman ker10 at hampshire.edu
Fri Feb 4 10:32:40 EST 2011

http://doodle.com/szw5g7n27t9wd7x2  This link will bring you to Doodle, where
you can fill out when you're free, etc. We would really like to have as many
people as possible attend so we can answer questions, have you fill out
waivers, collect money [IF you said you'll be doing that], attempt to work out
transportation a bit, and talk about fundraising.

We understand that everyone's busy, and we have been as well. 3 people planning
this trip for almost 30 people isn't easy, and we really appreciate people's

If you can't make any of those times, feel free to email smt09 or me to let us
know, as well as providing us with your campus box number so we can drop you a

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