[Asianmedia] AB info on 40 dollars, etc

Katherine Elisabeth Roman ker10 at hampshire.edu
Wed Feb 2 22:19:51 EST 2011

On "Paying that elusive 40 dollars":

If you've already registered yourself independently, power to you!

If not, we got the group reduced rate of 40 dollars a person, which we can take
via cash or check PAID TO THE SIGNERS [checks: made out to Stefan Terry].

The way this works is that Stefan collects as much money as possible to lower
what we have to ask FiCom for, and he has to have it BY MID MARCH and send in a
big check to Anime Boston [they only take checks].

The rates for AB rise with the ongoing months, but this rate is consistently 40
bucks instead of it going up to something like 59348932 dollars a second.

On Hotels:

The one with the lowest rates [while still being close to the con center] was
the Marriott Hotel on 88 Exeter Street, Boston. It's a short walk, the
weather'll be nice, and there are a ton of resteraunts and stuff around the
area where you can grab food.

We can only afford two rooms, possibly three at the moment [which is why we're
putting together fundraising!], which is why we're hastening people to try and
find friends in the area they can stay with.

SIGNING UP ON HAMPEDIA IS NOW CLOSED. We're sorry, we cannot accommodate any
more people to sign up; and we're also sorry that this trip isn't simply fun
and easygoing, its a lot of work to have a few people try and make a seamless
trip for around 30 people when funding's been cut fun and carefree. We wish it
could be easier, we really could. Thank you for bearing with the signers!

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