[Asianmedia] Sir! The turkeys...they're attacking!

Sam Ross sar04 at hampshire.edu
Mon Nov 20 09:25:28 EST 2006

Hey Asian Media,
Well, I would be doing a really awesome screening this week, but there's the
little problem of me and the other signers all going home for Thanksgiving. As
a result we will not be screening anything this week.

However, lest we forget about the poor people stuck on campus, our good friend
Maya, who would otherwise be sitting around on campus with nothing to do has
suggested that the concept of not having a screening this week is a shocking
travesty. As such, keep your ears open, as she may be running something for us
in our stead on Thursday. Huzzah!

For all of you going home, have a safe trip, a fantastic vacation, and a highly
enjoyable Thanksgiving!

See you Space Cowboys,

Sam Ross
Box 1384, Hampshire College
893 West Street
Amherst, MA 01002

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