[Asianmedia] Screening for 10-27-05

Samuel sar04 at hampshire.edu
Tue Oct 25 19:00:57 EDT 2005

Hey Asian media, what's new?

So in case you weren't aware, Halloween's coming up.

First though, I figured I'd start you all off with another episode of Densha
Otoko to get you all settled in. We left off last week just as Jinkama-san,
Yamada-san's er...active co-worker has found out that Yamada-san is "Densha
Otoko" and is about to confront him. Is she planning blackmail, or something or
something even more dastardly?

By the way, for anyone who's not up to date, I've got all the episodes we've
watched so far shared on the Dakin network. If you have a PC computer and live
in Dakin, just type \\leylan into the Address bar in a windows folder. If you
don't have a PC or live in Dakin, come see me, and I'll get you the episodes

Anyway, next up:

Cure-(Live Action)Set in Tokyo, this movie follows a detective and psychiatrist
investigating a series of murders where the victims throats have been marked
with an "X". But in every case, the murderer is a different person, found not
far from the scene, claiming they had no control over their actions; the only
link being a mysterious stranger who briefly made contact with all of them...

and finally, for anyone who hasn't run away screaming yet, we're doing a special
11:00 screening of 2 episodes of Elfen Lied. Dicloniuses are telekinetic human
mutants that are contained and subjected to inhuman experiments to test the
extent of their powers. We're introduced to Lucy, a diclonius who brutally
kills, dismembers, and rips her way out of a lab in an attempt to escape. Days
after, a boy named Kouta and his cousin find a half-naked girl washed up on a
beach, who seems to have lost her memory...

As always, Asian Media
Thursday nights 8-11

Phew, long email, consider it my Halloween treat to all of you. (Mainly so I
don't have to give everyone candy) :D


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