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This is an email list to facilitate league matches for the DDM (D&D Miniatures) league. If you are looking for a league match, simply e-mail DDMLeague@lists.hampshire.edu!

If you win a league match, you must report it here:


Regulation play ends at 11:59pm on Monday, 11/24. The league rules are listed below. Have fun!

How to Play

If you're familiar with combat in D&D, you already know most of the rules. Either way, Ira will schedule a demo session for everyone in the league to learn the rules. The rulebook is also available online.

Learning More

If you want to learn more about the game, go here: http://irafay.com/DDM, and specifically check out the Useful Links section.

Warband Building

Once you get your minis, you need to create 2 different warbands:
1) 50 points or less, up to 5 minis, no single mini worth more than 37 points
2) 100 points or less, up to 5 minis, no single mini worth more than 75 points

Your choices for warband 1 can be the same or different from warband 2. You can use the same or different minis in warband 1 and warband 2.

Warband Building: Factions

Note that you must pick only 2 factions for your minis in each warband. For example:
Creature A: Borderlands
Creature B: Civilization, Borderlands
Creature C: Underdark
Creature D: Wild

If I pick Borderlands and Underdark as my two factions, then I can include Creatures A, B, and C.
If I pick Borderlands and Wild, I can include Creatures A, B, and D.
If I pick Underdark and Wild, I can include Creatures C and D.

Warband Building: Other Details

You cannot include a Good-aligned mini if you include an Evil-aligned mini, and vice versa. Most minis are neutral.

Along with the minis in your warband, you also pick a map to go with it. In this league, we will limit ourselves to either Crossroads or Monster Lair, but there are lots of other maps too. Ask Ira if you want to see more examples.

Once you've picked your warbands, I strongly recommend going to http://irafay.com/DDM. There, you can enter your warbands, click "PDF", then print them. You can easily track HP and other conditions on that one piece of paper.

League Matches

Each week, play at least 2 league matches against anyone in the league. Schedule matches any time you want (using this e-mail list!) You get 2 points for a win, 1 point for a loss. Don't play the same type of game against the same person more than once in a given week.

Matches beyond 2 in a given week count for tiebreaker points. You get 1 tiebreaker point for a win, 0 tiebreaker points for a loss, so extra matches never hurt you.

After 2 weeks of regular play, we'll do a playoff to determine the final champion.


All players will start with a double-sided map, 16 random miniatures, and 2 promo miniatures (and a d20 if needed). After week 1, all players will get 5 more random miniatures and 3 more promo miniatures. There will be some prizes TBD.


The cost is $20 or free. For $20 you keep your miniatures at the end of the league. If you play for free, then you donate your miniatures at the end of the league.

Rules Questions
Rules questions will arise during play, and that's one of the reasons why Ira chose DDM for Analog Game Design the design could be improved! Feel free to e-mail Ira questions whenever they arise, and also check out the list of Collected Rulings (which is one of the links from http://irafay.com/DDM).

League Championship Tournament and Tie Breakers
After regulation play is finished, the 4 players with the most points will play in a single elimination league championship tournament. Tie breakers will be applied in the following order:
- Tiebreaker points
- If still tied, then head-to-head results, if possible
- If still tied, then most total matches played, including tie breaker matches (this encourages active league play)
- If still tied, then most unique opponents played, including tie breaker matches (this encourages mingling in the league)
- If still tied, then strength of opponents for regulation play, drop the lowest
- If still tied, determine randomly

After the Top 4 is determined, high ranking during regulation play provides two benefits:
- In all championship matches, whoever is higher seed picks whether to play a 100 point game or a 50 point game.

- When determining pairings for the Top 4 tournament, the highest seeded player will pick who they want to play. This rule resolves the issue of someone preferring a lower score to get a better pairing. Also, this rewards players who play many of the Top 4 during regulation play, since they'll have some knowledge of other people's warbands and will be able to make a wiser choice.

Any players who paid an entry fee and completed at least 3 games will receive a participation prize of 1 miniature regardless of score. Anyone who makes Top 4 or better and paid an entry fee will get an additional prize of 1 miniature.

Who Can Join?
You don't need to be a Hampshire student to play, so feel free to invite friends.

First year students can apply to count this league for CEL-1. Sign up via http://cel1.hampshire.edu and search for DDM.

To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the DDMLeague Archives. (The current archive is only available to the list members.)

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