[RAICES] Urgent Appeal: Internet daily's office raided in malaysia- www.malaysiakini.com

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hey folks,

    just want to spread the word that an alternative online media office in 
malaysia was raided by the police, and there is a real threat of it being 
shut down.


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Dear Friends,

I got an email from my friends who is working for an alternative media in
An independent media, Malaysiakini (www.malaysiakini.com) was raided
by the police last monday.

They need to help to circulate this news and solidarity.
I attach this news below.

You can get more information at


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Hi dear comrades,

Need your slidarity support soon !
Here is an update of the crackdown of the state on the
independent media in malaysia!

please help to circulate thsi news..we need solidarity
from your grps and ur network!\



Award-winning Internet daily Malaysiakini's office is currently being
raided by the police, we believe in connection with a report lodged
against them by the youth section of one of the political parties in
the ruling coalition, Pemuda UMNO, claiming sedition. There are more
than ten police officers, two uniformed, and it seems likely that
they will take away all the computers. This will not only mean that
Mkini can no longer operate, but it also means they have access to a
lot of confidential information, including the addresses of letter
writers who have requested confidentiality.

The police officers are from Dang Wangi ++603 2691 2222, and the
Mkini line is ++603 2284 5567.

Malaysiakini is an online news daily, which champions freedom of the
media in a country where legislation strangles freedom of expression.
It's editor Steven Gan has been recognised by CPJ, and the daily won
and International Press Freedom award from Reporters Sans Frontieres
in Jan 2000.

The site can be viewed at www.malaysiakini.com

Best wishes,

Producer/ Manager
tel +60 3 74931764
fax +60 3 74931166
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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