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Hi, Omen! Resident "why the heck haven't I graduated yet" former editor
returning from a year of exile here, will probably submit progressively
less coherent and more tortured Div 3 notes throughout the semester and
pop into meetings for a bit to check in on how my favorite Hampshire
publication's doing and/or feel old, out of touch, and disoriented. 

-Jonathan Gardner 

On 2016-09-03 21:11, omen at hampshire.edu wrote: 

> Hello to all you Omenites out there! 
> This is the now semi-offical Editrix Chloe saying hello and checking in. If you are reading this email and you will be around for a potential first meeting on Thursday the 15th, please bounce back a message (I promise that I won't publish it in the Omen, unless, of course, you want me to). 
> If you won't be around for that meeting but would like to say hello or just simply confirm that someone is receiving this, that would be nice as well. 
> Happy 2016F everyone! 
> The Omen loves you! 
> -Chloe Omelchuck (via the Omen email) 
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