[DEATH TO THE CLIMAX] Layout tonight!

Beatrice Corfman bec12 at hampshire.edu
Thu Feb 18 09:58:06 EST 2016


Hi all, 

The next issue should hopefully be out very soon. It's been taking a
while because it's a large issue and I don't actually have as much time
or energy as I need to be able to run the Omen at full efficiency. We'll
be reconfiguring some things and should hopefully be running full-steam

Anyway, layout is tonight! We'll be meeting in the usual place at the
usual time: The Omen Office in the Merrill A Basement, from 8pm until
whenever the hell we decide we're done.

Also I swear the omen is really not an exclusive club. I keep running
into people who are intimidated by it because it's a publication, but I
promise it's not nearly that fancy. Please stop by and check us out if
you have any interest at all, we'd love to have you! 

Your Editor, 

 - B 
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