[DEATH TO THE CLIMAX] Layout for the last issue of the Omen: Tonight!!

Beatrice Corfman bec12 at hampshire.edu
Thu Dec 3 13:17:04 EST 2015


Hi everyone, 

The semester is almost over, which means the Omen is wrapping up.
Tonight is layout for our last issue of the semester.
It's also, sadly, my last issue as editor. I care about the Omen dearly,
but I really need to step down to finish up my div III. So! Do me a
favor; submit something, show up and say hi, whatever you want. Help me
make this issue a good one =). 

As per usual, we'll be meeting at 8pm in the Omen Office (Merrill A
Basement), and staying up unreasonably late. 

Hope to see you there! 

Your editor, 

 - B 
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