[DEATH TO THE CLIMAX] Omen layout: spoooooky edition

jrg11 at hampshire.edu jrg11 at hampshire.edu
Wed Oct 16 13:41:35 EDT 2013

Hey, Omen folks,

Thursday, October 17th (that's tomorrow, for those of you keeping  
track) we'll be laying out the Halloween issue of the Omen.  Come join  
us for the usual food, music, passive-aggressive banter, and more!  If  
enough people show up, I might read some ghost stories.  And by ghost  
stories, I mostly mean random shit I find in old Omen issues.  Because  
old Omen articles are written by people who are ghosts now.  The moral  
of the story here is that people die when they leave Hampshire.  I  
think I lost track of where I was actually going with this dumb  
metaphor.  I had two hours of sleep last night.  Leave me alone.  Go  

But seriously, remember to submit your Halloween-themed stuff!  We're  
always in need of more submissions.  The Omen is a ravenous god that  
feeds upon your creative detritus, and it hungers.  It always hungers  
for more.

Remember.  October 17th.  8:00 P.M. until whenever the hell we finish  
up.  Merrill A basement.  Omen.


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