[DEATH TO THE CLIMAX] Omentines layout, bad erotica reading, tonight!

jrg11 at hampshire.edu jrg11 at hampshire.edu
Thu Feb 14 11:28:35 EST 2013

Hey there, Omenites!

Tonight, we here at the Omen will be celebrating Valentine's Day the  
only way we know how: hunched over a computer in the basement, laying  
out our next issue.  But that's not all, oh no; we're also holding a  
BAD EROTICA READING during layout.  Mayhaps you've seen the flyers  
featuring the seductive shirtless Jeff Goldblum that our esteemed  
editrix lovingly crafted?  That is but a taste of what you can expect  
to hear tonight.  We'll have some appropriately classy food to feed  
you with, as well.  So you'd better show up, because let's face it,  
there is literally no better way for you to spend your time tonight.   
Omen office in the Merrill A basement, 8pm to whenever the hell we  
finish.  BE THERE.


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