rki09 at hampshire.edu rki09 at hampshire.edu
Tue Sep 25 23:39:23 EDT 2012

Hey folks!

Here's a reminder that we're gonna be having another super awesome  
layout meeting this Thursday, September 27th, at 8 PM in the Merrill A  
Basement. Come hang out, bring computers to write submissions, eat our  
food, etc. No experience necessary! Come just to hang out with us, if  
you really want. But for real, if you walk by our door chances are  
someone will badger you to just come in and hang out, so just do it.  

And here are a few other reminders...

1. As Fiona said in a previous e-mail, the Omen does indeed publish  
submissions that are hateful. As an Omen signer, I will say: put your  
name on that shit and make sure it's not libelous, and you're good as  
gold. As Rachel Ithen I will say: WE ALSO ACCEPT LOVELY NON-HATEFUL  

2. THAT BEING SAID... if you have any issue with an Omen rule, or any  
issue with what you think MAY be an Omen rule (or may have just been  
something misspoken by a sleepy Ben early in the morning), you can  
totally come to layout to ask us about it, e-mail a signer personally,  
or e-mail omen at hampshire.edu. Please do not reply to  
omen at lists.hampshire.edu, because then you may be accidentally (or  
intentionally) sending things out to EVERY PERSON ON OUR MAILING LIST  
and we want to keep that to a minimum.

SO. You will receive an e-mail every two weeks or so reminding you  
about layout. Sometimes we will send e-mails out between those weeks  
to recruit people to help distribute those issues. That should be it.

Speaking of which, you all should pick up a copy of our first issue if  
you haven't already. There should still be some copies in Saga and the  
mailroom, as well as the Merrill lobbies because the issues were so  
big I had trouble finding places to put them all.

OKAY end super long layout e-mail NOW


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