[DEATH TO THE CLIMAX] obligatory bad-ass layout email

Ian McEwen ianmcorvidae at ianmcorvidae.net
Wed Nov 10 03:35:38 EST 2010

Thursday! November 11! 8PM! Merrill Basement!

Maybe we'll get some angry people there after our last issue. Who knows!

Come help us lay out issue 5; alternatively, come write things for us to
lay out in issue 5. Possibly, both.

Issue 6 will be our last of the semester, in other news; that layout
will be in three weeks, since otherwise we'd be doing layout on
Thanksgiving. By which I mean YOU ALL would be, since I'm not gonna be

(and, clearly I should have entitled this 'obligatory bad ass-layout email')

See you all Thursday night.

Ian McEwen <ianmcorvidae at ianmcorvidae.net> <ihm08 at hampshire.edu> 
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