[DEATH TO THE CLIMAX] First Meeting aka Here We go Again

Jeffrey Paternostro jip00 at hampshire.edu
Mon Jan 26 01:20:22 EST 2004

Hello Omen Loyalists, Anti-Omen spies, and people who haven't figured out how 
to get yourself off the list yet,

It's time to begin the Spring Semester of Omenness, now to be known throughout 
the cosmos as Volume 22. I don't know how to take over the list as admin yet, 
Justin should get around to telling me that right around the time he finishes 
my community service eval (aka Aprilish) so until then I am stuck as a list 
peon like the rest of you. 

Anyway, to wit, we will have our first meeting of the semester, Tuesday 9PM in 
the KIVA to plan the semester of Superfun, layout and publicity for the first 
issue, scheduling of the first OMEN orgy, and all the usual off-topic bitching 
and moaning we usually do.  

At this point in the e-mail I realize there's only like three people who are 
still on campus that are going to read this and actually come, but here it is 
anyway. I never much minded shouting in the dark. And for those of you will 
inevitably e-mail the list asking how the hell to get off of the list, I can't 
do it, you have to follow the link at the bottom of my e-mail that gets put 
there by some sort of list magic. I'll post stuff on the jolt and what not 
tomorrow, if they let me register (knock on wood). Until then, as I have noting 
new to add, I remain, for now, you editor-in-chief 

Jeffrey Paternostro
Hampshire College
Box 1132
893 West St.
Amherst, MA 01002

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