[Asianmedia] Voice Actors Wanted

ef11 at hampshire.edu ef11 at hampshire.edu
Mon Jan 27 01:44:33 EST 2014

Where are you going to be doing this? In the Media Basement?

Quoting jab10 at hampshire.edu:

> Hey fellow Anime Fans!!
> My name is Jonathan Byron-Woodin. I am a Div III Student (final  
> semester) who is working on producing the pilot episode of an  
> original anime television series for my final project. I am writing  
> this to let you know that I'll be holding  auditions for potential  
> voice actors this coming Saturday and Sunday starting at 1:00pm. As  
> this is a first time thing for me, obviously no prior experience for  
> voice acting is required or expected, (though I imagine previous  
> acting experience would be a helpful bonus). It will be an  
> "Americanized Anime" so you don't need to know Japanese. (I've tried  
> and failed to learn it myself.) Essentially, whoever likes to speak  
> for there favorite (and/or all) characters while watching anime is  
> welcome and encouraged to try out there voices! I am in the process  
> of setting up my sponsorship so I can offer CEL-1 Credit for this as  
> well.
> If anyone has any questions for me, feel free to ask away via  
> webmail or during the next screening of Asianmedia. whatever works!  
> It should be lots of fun :)
> Thanks for your consideration
> -Jonathan

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