[Asianmedia] AB is march 21-13

Katherine Roman ker10 at hampshire.edu
Sat Jan 4 18:01:57 EST 2014

That means it's during spring break! PLEASE check your calendars before
saying you wanna go-if you're traveling and will not be here, i don't wanna
book registration and have to have people pay the CLA money because they
won't be here and didn't know till then-that'd suck!
Annie, will you be going to AB too [and if you are, is driving alright?
hopefully we'll have another driver by then!]

Katsucon-I'm hoping to hear back about that last car soon. If it can't go
through, i'll have to ask about 3 people who have paid their own reg to
drop :< luckily, you CAN get a refund-check the katsucon website for their
refund policy, but we can't get a refund for people registered through the
school. pam said she hopes this doesn't have to happen, and of *course* IF
this does, people would go on the priority for AB!

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