[Asianmedia] Attn. Zipcar folk!

Katherine Roman ker10 at hampshire.edu
Mon Sep 30 18:23:23 EDT 2013

If you offered to drive a zipcar, you totes shoulda registered through the
link I sent about the student group account. Our defensive driver had to
cancel on us, so his spot is also open. If you take it, though, you gotta
pay cash [50] at the door!
BUT! If you've done the zipcar bit, please see if you can make reservations
for the dates of the con. Leaving the 18th, coming back the 20th. IF YOU
HAVE ANNNY QUESTIONS as I am NOT zipcar expert! Please ask Carolyn in the
CLA, her email is online and she's in all day till..4, i think? To risk not
screwing up, I'd ask her about anything you're concerned about.

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