[Asianmedia] AAC review and Katsucon

Katherine Roman ker10 at hampshire.edu
Tue Oct 22 10:15:54 EDT 2013

Hi guys! AAC went pretty damn smoothly, so I'm really grateful for that!
There are ALWAYS kerfuffles at cons, especially when it comes to hotels, so
thank you guys for being Awesome Cool Cats and omg we didn't lose any room
keys ever.

On Katsucon, we have a funding issue. The con is pretty expensive-it's 60$
a person. The school's trip cap is at 150.00 a person, so that includes
room AND ticket.
If you can pre-reg on your own, PLEASE let me know and do so ASAP so we can
lower the cost!
I'm also going to try and figure out fundraising-the fencing team had a
bake sale last year that netted us about 300 over the course of two days,
buuuut, that's enough for like...3-4 tickets.
Which would be cool! It'd just be tricky figuring out HOW to pay with that
cash, so the signers would have to discuss it with fundcom.

Sadly, no screening this weekend due to Hampshire Halloween, but next week
we can watch more attack on titan episodes than usual to make up for it :P

So, let me know if you can pay your own reg!

Defensive Driving:
We will need probably 2 defensive drivers for this trip-but the more the


Please do this paperwork first. Getting all the paperwork in makes for a
faster transition! Protip-get your driving records sent here directly from
your insurance company. It is SO much faster. Contact Carolyn for more info!
We are looking to depart Thursday the 13th of February and return Sunday!

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