[Asianmedia] Correction, we are meeting tonight!

ef11 at hampshire.edu ef11 at hampshire.edu
Fri Jan 27 14:58:02 EST 2012

If I bring the three-episode camp-masterpiece Garzey's Wing, what are the
chances that anyone will stick around after the movie to watch it?

Also, do we have funding for food & such yet?

Quoting Katherine Elisabeth Roman <ker10 at hampshire.edu>:

> Usual time and place unless directed elsewhere. We'll be screening Red Cliff,
> a
> Chinese film directed by John Woo about the famous Three Kingdoms period of
> China, focusing on the battle of Chi Bi. It's historical [or at least canon
> to
> romance of the three kingdoms, which has some ~added~ bits], wonderful, and
> personally one of my favorite movies :] so enjoy!
> We'll be starting actual shows AFTER Hampfest.
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