[Asianmedia] Anime con this year?

Tristan Athearn-Hess tba04 at hampshire.edu
Sat Aug 23 09:32:13 EDT 2008

I actually wouldn't mind the Puchuus being exploded all over the wall, but thats
just me. But, yes, Asian Media exploding would definitely be a bad thing. Trust
in the signers, but remember: they are only human.

On Aug 22, 2008, at 3:59 PM, Sam Ross wrote:

Hey Asian Media,
Founder and 'nother previous signer annoyingly chiming in. For the record guys,
conversation is great, but let the signers do their job. If you want to suggest
something to them, send them a private email, not the whole list. But let them
do the planning. Don't just suggest something that sounds fun and expect them
to have lots and lots of free time to put it together. However, if you suggest
something to them, they agree it would be awesome, and YOU agree to help them
with the paperwork/organizing all the people coming, then it's more likely to

And for the record, with something like a group of people going to a con, it's
not just filling out an event form. It's also figuring out rides/borrowing the
van, figuring out where everyone's sleeping, getting deposits from people for
admission, etc., etc. It's a lot of work, and it's not something that's easy to
do in say, the three weeks in between when school starts and when this New York
con starts. Especially if no one's on campus yet.

Plus remember, you all have a lot of first years to seduce into joining, so you
can convince them how wrong all their tastes in anime/J-drama/Asian Cinema are.

The more you treat the signers and email list with patience and respect, the
less likely it is that Asian Media will explode. Which would be messy. With
lots of blood and Puchuus all over the wall. And no one wants that.

Let your signers plan. That's what they're there for. Their goal isn't to crush
you all under their iron fist of hatred and malice. That's just a perk.

See you Space Cowboys,
Sam Ross

Quoting Ananda Valenzuela <agv07 at hampshire.edu>:

So, actual-signerfolk? Anyone? We're running out of time... T_T I'd gladly
help out with it, but an actual signer needs to hand in the paperwork...

And forget all the ones I mentioned so far- I agree with Julia, we should go
to this one: http://www.newyorkanimefestival.com/

Yoshitaka Amano will be there!!!!

so, signerfolk, please pleeeeease take some time to fill out an event form.
it's easy and fast to do, it just takes 20 minutes of your time... >.< We
only have 3 days left to hand it in...

take care,


Samuel A. Ross
38 Maplewood Circle
Amherst, MA 01002
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