[Asianmedia] Screening 10-20-05

Samuel sar04 at hampshire.edu
Mon Oct 17 23:48:07 EDT 2005

Due to outside forces, namely a butterfly in China blowing up, Asian media will
not have access to the West Lecture Hall this week. As that I quickly countered
by poking a turkey, we will however have access to the East Lecture Hall in
Franklin Patterson Hall this week. So in summary,

East Lecture Hall, FPH
Thursday from 8-11

Things will go back to normal next week...or will they? (Sinister laugh)

...Oh yeah, here's what we're showing:

Densha Otoko-Okay, I think I've mentioned this enough times for you to know that
you need to watch it. If not, darnit, why aren't you watching Densha? It's not
too late, and I have all the episodes for people who've missed a week or 3

Scrapped Princess-Branded as the poison that will bring about the world's
destruction when she turns 16, Pacifica Cassull has been constantly hunted
since birth by those who desperately seek to eliminate her and prevent the
coming calamity. Believing in their sister's innocence, Pacifica's adoptive
brother and sister use their talents in swordsmanship and sorcery to protect
their sister from harm as they travel the countryside in effort to keep
Pacifica safe from those who wish to see this "Scrapped Princess" dead.

Kurau Phantom Memory-Kurau accompanies her father to his lab during her 12th
birthday. When an experiment goes awry though, a blast of energy hits her in
the chest, dematerializing her. Although she reforms, she now longer identifies
herself as Kurau, but rather as Rynax, the energy her father was studying. The
Rynax has all of Kurau's memories and experiences but doesn't know how to leave
Kurau's body until it's "pair" has recovered. Ten years later, Kurau has become
a mercenary, using her Rynax powers as an advantage. Yet, her pair has yet to
appear and she's being survailled by some unknown parties.

Quite a mouthful, but they will both rock your proverbial socks off. See you on


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