[Asianmedia] Screening for 12-1-05

Samuel sar04 at hampshire.edu
Mon Nov 28 17:17:40 EST 2005

After a fierce battle with mutant cyber magic-girl turkeys, Asian media as
emerged victorius and returns this week to bring you:

Not just one, but TWO episodes of Densha Otoko-Despite the setbacks of being
hospitalized and Kazuya-san spreading a lot of misinformation to steal Saori,
Yamada-san seems to have won Saori's heart. There was some panic when he seemed
desperate to come clean about his otaku side to her, but she's still falling for
him anyway. However, Saori's father has just returned from America. What could
this mean?

As for the second feature, there will be a choice between "AMV Hell 3: The
movie", a collection of the worst AMV's ever, or two episodes of

Full Metal Panic-Sosuke Sagara is an elite soldier who belongs to an independent
special force named "Mithril". Mithril is a self appointed military force that
fights terrorism across the globe using "arm-slaves" (Giant robots). Sagara is
assigned to the duty of protecting a girl named Kaname Chidori, who attends
high school in Japan. To accomplish this task, he pretends to be a transfer
student attending at Kaname's school with mixed results to say the least,
considering that he was has never known anything other then the military.

As always, Asian Media is on Thursday nights at 8:00PM, in the West Lecture Hall
of FPH.


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