[Asianmedia] Screening for 11-17-05

Samuel sar04 at hampshire.edu
Tue Nov 15 00:38:53 EST 2005

Usually here's where I come up with something witty and awesome, but I'm sick
this week, so let's just pretend I told the best joke that was so good that we
must never speak of it again.

I am, however, delighted to tell you all that this week, we'll be showing:

Densha Otoko - Things seem to have gotten back on track, and those two crazy
lovebirds seem to have gotten back together. There's only one problem.
Yamada-san's kinda collapsed from exposure and hypothermia at Aoyama-san's

Trigun - Vash is a gigantic pacifist. So why is it that he has a reputation for
being the most deadly and dastardly gunman on the desert planet of Gunsmoke,
and who put a 60 million double dollar reward on his head, dead or alive?

Last Exile - Claus Valca, a resident of the floating world of Prestor makes a
living as a sky courier, flying a over the place in the airship that was left
to him by his father. One day, Claus and his friend Lavie agree to transport
the mysterious Alvis Hamilton to the air-battleship Silvana, and find
themselves in the middle of a war which threatens to devastate all of Prestor.
>From the same people who created the anime "Hellsing".

As always, Asian Media is on Thursday night at 8:00 in the West Lecture Hall of

Goodo naito mina-san,


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