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List Description
1styrstu [no description available]
34fac An email list for junior faculty members on 3-4 year contracts.
5CGardens Email list for 5 College/Help Yourself interns, volunteers, work study students.
AB Animal Behavior Group Listserve
AdmissionsInterns [no description available]
Aliz Queer Jews and Allies
Alumni.rerad For Alumni interested in the Re-Radicalization of Hampshire College
Amnesty Amnesty International
AnimalRights Hampshire Animal Rights
Animation Animation discussion list.
Asianmedia Hampshire's Anime & Asian Media club
ASL The American Sign Language (ASL) community of Hampshire
Atheist Information about upcoming atheist events at Hampshire College.
Ba_candidates_2007 Graduates
BAAB Building Awareness Across Bars
Bartsarm Resources for artists: figure drawing sessions, visiting artists, peer critiques, and collaborative projects
Blacksmithguild The Blacksmithing Club of Hampshire College - no experience neccessary
Buddhistresourcegroup Buddhist Resource Group
burlesque4all [no description available]
BurmaInterestGroup [no description available]
Ca2maya [no description available]
CampaignCouncil [no description available]
CBDstudents Culture, Brain, and Development Program Students
CDC Come contra dance with us!
Center4Design Center for Design announcements
CenterForFeminisms Center For Feminisms
Cffstaff [no description available]
Ci-lab Discussions related to the Computational Intelligence Lab at Hampshire College.
ci-lab-conduit [no description available]
CircStaff Library Circulation Staff List
CircusFolkUnite The Hampshire College Circus Collective
Classism Hampshire Students Against Classism (CA$H back)
ClimateChange Climate Change: information on Hampshire & 5C events
ClimateJustice Climate Justice student activist group
Climbing Hampshire College Climbers' Coalition
Clppoutreachcomm [no description available]
CLPPStudents Civil Liberties & Public Policy students & alums
Clusterusers Discussion related to the cluster (fly) in ASH.
colesciencemonitors [no description available]
Colleague-Meeting [no description available]
colleague-users [no description available]
Comics Official List of the Comics Collective
Commadv Student staff of the Community Advocacy dept
ComputerScience Computer Science and related topics discussion list
Confucius Hampshire Confucius Student Group
ContemplativePractice Students exploring contemplative practice and alternative spirituality!
Coppingercrew [no description available]
CorcGradProfStudy Receive info about various tests (GRE, LSAT, etc.), grad programs & fellowships, 5 College graduate & law school events, workshops. (For medicine/health interests, use the HealthProfessions list.)
CorcInternshipSeekers Receive Internship & Short-term Job Announcements
CorcJobSeekers Receive Job Announcements
CoSAA Collective of Students Affected by Ableism
COWS Colleagues Offering Work Support
CPAC Campus Police Advisory Committee
CPSC Community Partnerships for Social Change
Creative.Media.Internships [no description available]
CRPR The California Roundtable on Philosophy and Race
cs-faculty CS Faculty Discussion List
Cs104f08 List for Cognitive Science Fiction (CS104, Fall 2008)
Cs109 [no description available]
cs174_f19 Mailing list for CA 1 Fall 2019
cs174f15 [no description available]
cs174f17 CS174 Computer Animation I Fall 2017
cs174s14 Course list for CS174S14
cs174s15 [no description available]
cs174s18 list for CS 174 - Computer Animation 1
cs175 [no description available]
Cs197f06 Digital Imaging
cs223s06 The class list for Graphics Topics for Programmers, CS 223, spring 2006
Cs239s07 [no description available]
Cs254f11 Discussions re: the Fall 2011 Genetic Programming course at Hampshire College.
Cs263 [no description available]
CS263f08 List for the Fall 2008 course "Artificial Intelligence in 3D Virtual Worlds"
cs265s18 list for CS 265 - Pixelbending
cs266s16 [no description available]
Cs266s19 [no description available]
cs273f17 CS273 Animation Workshop f17
cs307scary An email list for team Scary in CS307 Game Development Workshop
Csc Computer Science Collective
CSI_faculty [no description available]
CutestLittleFreaks Hampshire's Improv Troupe with a Mascot
CYL Childhood, Youth and Learning list serve
CYLGroup CYL Student Group
Dahstaff [no description available]
DataGov [no description available]
Datatel-meeting [no description available]
DDMLeague An email list to facilitate league matches for the D&D Miniatures (DDM) league. All league participants will be automatically subscribed.
DeconstructingRacism coming soon
Dig The Indigenous Students List
DisabilityGroup [no description available]
EE-EnvironEd Events, jobs, activities related to Env. Education
Entrepreneurship The Entrepreneurship Program
Envirocom [no description available]
EPEC [no description available]
Equestrianteam [no description available]
excalibur Hampshire's badass scifi/fantasy/gaming group.
ExportControl [no description available]
FarmThisLand For news, events, and activities at the Hampshire College Farm
FC-GameDevFaculty An list to facilitate communication among faculty members in the Five Colleges who teach classes and/or do work related to game development in some way.
FC-LGBTQFacultyStaff Five College LGBTQ Faculty and Staff
FeministStudies Feminist Studies
Femmepire [no description available]
FilmCollective [no description available]
FilmPhoto Official Film/Photo/Video List
FinanceAndAdministration [no description available]
First A network to support the success of first generation college students at Hampshire
FirstYearMentors First Year Mentors Mailing List
FISH Forum of International Students at Hampshire
Fof fof
ForestGarden [no description available]
Francophones [no description available]
FUC Feminists United Collective
Fulbright Hampshire Fulbright Information
GameAlumni A list to connect Hampshire College and other Five College alumni who studied game development disciplines while in school, including programming, art, design, production, audio, and more.
GameJam A list for anyone interested in Game Jam events
GameJamOrganizers A list for the organizers of Game Jam events
GameJobs An announcement e-mail list for jobs related to game development, including art, programming, design, production, audio, and more.
Garden All about the Hampshire Community Garden
gendercenter [no description available]
GEO Info about opportunities and programs for studying abroad.
Geo_scholars [no description available]
GGC Graduate Gift Challange
Glasscollective small to medium glasswork, torchwork, fusing
Gleanteam [no description available]
Greenhouse The Enfield Solar Greenhouse
GRIN Gender Resource Network
GrowingFarmers [no description available]
GuerrillaArtsBrigade Collaborative Art-Making For a More Beautiful and Engaged Hampshire!
Gunclub Gun Club
HaFTA Hampshire Fair Trade Alliance
Haiti_action events and info regarding Hampshire community response
Hamp-law Current legal developments
Hampchristian Hampshire Christian Fellowship
Hampedia Updates about the Hampedia Project
HampHistory Society for Hampshire History
HampMedia Media Interest Group
HampshireDance Official Dance Program Information List
HampshireFoodAdvocates [no description available]
Hampshiregamecollective Game Appreciation and Development Group
HampsterWheels A Bike Rental Start-Up
Hc_philosophy_circle Philosophy Circle
Hcafc Hampshire College Alternative Fuels Collective Mailing List
HCEMS Hampshire College EMS
Hcfmc [no description available]
HCSSiMalumns alumns of the Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics
Hcssimapplicants HCSSiM Applicants
Hcswimclub Hampshire College Swim Club
Healthprofessions Receive news, events info related to health professions
HealthProfessionsClub Mailing list for the Health Professions Club
Helga The Helga Mailing List
hispanohablantes Spanish speaking Club
Historical_reenactment The Historical Reenactment Society
HMHAN Hampshire Mental Health Advocacy Network
Hostfamily International Family & Friends Program
HSAMI Hampshire Students Against Mass Incarceration
HSU-Academics HSU Scope Group on Academics
HSU-BudgetAndPolicy HSU Scope Group on Budget and Policy
HSU-Committee10 Accountability Board
HSU-CoordBoardInfo Internal communication for Coordinating Board members
HSU-CoordinatingBoard General list for updates on the Coordinating Board of the union
HSU-FundingCommittee HSU Funding Committee
HSU-StudentCommunity HSU Student Community
HSU-StudentExperience HSU Student Experience
HSU-StudentLeadership HSU Student Leadership
Humanities [no description available]
HypeCommittee Halloween and Spring Jam Planning Committee
HYS Help Yourself Edibles
IDhousing for current, future and past residents of identity-based housing
Ike [no description available]
Infinity Infinity Studio G Users
IntegrativeHealth [no description available]
InterfaithProject [no description available]
IPv6 Discussion of IPv6 at Hampshire College
ISO International Socialist Organization
JamesBaldwinGroup [no description available]
Jewelrycollective [no description available]
Jewish Jewish Student Union
KCFellows [no description available]
KCTeam [no description available]
Kyudo [no description available]
LALS latin@americanstudies
Lamb Lamb Watchers List
LFI A group committed to connecting Hampshire to local agriculture!
LGBTQ-SF Hampshire College LGBTQ Staff and Faculty
LibraryBuilding [no description available]
LibraryCarrels Library Study Carrels Holders List
Lilith [no description available]
Linguistics [no description available]
LMLWorkStudy For Workstudy Students in the Library Media Labs
LocalFoodsInitiative [no description available]
LogicGameDev A list to coordinate game development of Blended Learning logic games and puzzles, especially during Summer 2014.
LP-SFC LibrePlanet/Students for Free Culture
Maple Maple Sap Gathering List
MapleSyrupProductionCrew A listserv for keeping people up to date about upcoming sap collections/ boils/ other maple syrup related information.
MDBM MDB Monitors
Meditation Meditation Community
MixedNuts A mailing list for Mixed Nuts Food Coop
MML-Advanced [no description available]
MML-FPHPractice [no description available]
MML-Studios MediaLab Users One
MML-WorkStudy [no description available]
MOCA Men of Color Alliance (MOCA)
Mythos Theatrical Roleplaying, Capture the Flag and Theater games.
NaturalistClub Nature, tracking, fun together.
NERDug-list New England Regional Datatel Users Group
Newleaf New Leaf
Ns NS Faculty, Staff, and Students
NSPProgramAnnounce New Student Experience Announcement List
NSPTransferAnnounce New Student Programs Transfer Announcements
NSSchoolMembers [no description available]
OffCampusOL [no description available]
Orchestra Chamber Orchestra
PASA Pan Asian Student Association
Permaculture 5 College permaculture projects / activities / action list!
PingPongClub a club for ping pong enthusiasts
Pitches Crazy Pitches acapella
Pmp PeerMentorshipProgram
PopDev Events, updates and information from the Population and Development Program at Hampshire College
Primitive_skills 5C Primitive Skills Collective
PROD This is an email list for all Technical/Production Crew for the MDB.
PSIG [no description available]
Push Discussion of the Push programming language and the PushGP and Pushpop evolutionary computing systems
QCA Queer Community Alliance list
Qcastaff [no description available]
QIPOC Queer International & People Of Color
QRC Quantitative Resource Center
Quaker The Hampshire Quakers mailing list
Queerconf [no description available]
Queerconf.volunteers organizers of the queerconf
QueerFeminist [no description available]
Queerjeworg organizers of the Queer Jews and Allies Conference (QJAC)
Quizbowl Hampshire's quiz bowl team discussion
Raices The pan-latino student group list.
Reader The Reader is Hampshire's student-produced art and literature magazine
Rehamping Rehamping is community-created renovation of the Hampshire College campus.
ReRad Students, Staff, and Faculty for the Re-Radicalization of Hampshire College
Rerad_discuss The means for Re-Rad discussion
ResearchJournal Five College Research Journal
ResLifeStaff Residential Life Staff
RH.admissions-recruitment [no description available]
RH.alum-engagement [no description available]
RH.curriculum-innovation [no description available]
RH.fundraising [no description available]
RH.governance [no description available] [no description available]
RH.student-staff-retention [no description available]
SAC Staff Advocacy Committee. This mailing list is for current SAC reps only.
SEARCH Social Entrepreneurship Collective
SewingSkillShare Sewing Skill Share
Sexperts [no description available]
shakeandbake Shake & Bake
Shamanism Learn about shamanism and its forms around the world.
Shatterkind Study of filmmaking techniques.
SISTERS Women of Color and International Women at Hampshire College
Space The Hampshire College Space Program.
Spirituallife what's going on on and off campus spiritually speaking
Ssdp [no description available]
Student_server_room For the discussion of the Student Server Room Project
StudentChaplains [no description available]
StudentRunCafe [no description available]
Students4HumanRights Students For Human Rights
SurvivorSupports [no description available]
Tennisteam For those interested in playing tennis
TheatreCommunity [no description available]
Tonics Gin & Tonics Acapella
TransferLife transfer students
Transitionhampshire Building a More Resilient and Supportive Hampshire Community
Ultimatealumni Alumni who played or play ultimate
ultimateLife Unofficial disc culture social event updates!
UPZ Students Promoting Israeli Culture and Information
UU Unitarian Universalists
ValleyCon Information and updates on the Pioneer Valley's game design conference
Vday2010 [no description available]
Warf [no description available]
Wellness Wellness Center programs and events
WiS Women in Science
WoolPeople wool people student group
Workingparents Hampshire College Working Parents
WorkStudySupervisors Work study supervisors sharing information and advice
Writersbrigade [no description available]
XC Hampshire Cross Country Running
Yellowbike Hampshire College Yellow Bike
Yogacollective Practicing, learning, and teaching yoga with friends.
Yurt Yurt Radio
Zapmail Hampshire's electronics group.

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