[DEATH TO THE CLIMAX] Issue #1 is out

awo03 at hampshire.edu awo03 at hampshire.edu
Tue Sep 28 15:11:21 EDT 2004

Right, I finally figured out the damn list. I hate these things. 

Anyway, after much trial and tribulation, Vol 23 Issue 1 is out.  
We have decided to have layout for Issue two THIS week WITHOUT a meeting 
tonight, in order to keep on schedule for the semester.  7 pm, Oct. 2nd, in 
the Pub lab. Be there. Write. Whatever. 
Deadlines are the night of layout at 5 pm.  I'm "sort of" sticking to them, 
in that anything submitted after the deadline might not make it into that 
Layout, unless otherwise noted, will always be 7 pm in the pub lab. 
The rest of the schedule will be as follows: 
Meeting for issue three: Tuesday, Oct. 12 9 pm in the Kiva
Layout for issue three:  Sat the 16th, 7 PM, pub lab 
Issue three is out on Oct 22

Issue 4 meeting: Oct 26 (same time, same place until further notice)
Issue 4 layout: TBA (We'll see what halloween does. It might be that 
saturday afternoon instead) 
Issue 4: Friday Nov 5 

Issue 5 Meeting: Nov 9 
Issue 5 Layout Nov 13 
Issue 5: Nov 19 

Issue 6 meeting: Nov 30 (this is the tuesday after Thanksgiving break) 
Issue 6 layout: Dec 4 
Issue 6 (last one): Dec 10 

If you have questions or things that I should probably see, I would suggest 
emailing me directly, because I don't know how this is going to work out.  


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