[DEATH TO THE CLIMAX] RE: I saw your profile

Rodrick Owen kuwnkl at hotmail.com
Sun May 9 09:09:48 EDT 2004

Hey my name is Kara and I just got out of a long term
relationship. I read your profile and you sound like
the kind of man I am looking for. Just so you know 
I am not really looking for anything serious but
rather for someone who doesn’t mind being a rebound,
which by the way does require some hot physical action...
so if you don’t mind...

no more

husbandmen hyperboloid somber grumble complaisant jacobite dolphin tyson obsolete impetus megohm de earl crosscut rhine collusion vintage snappish unit nectareous stagnant bundle umbrage badinage thalia martin alumina poke acrimonious burnout lausanne hieroglyphic numeric electorate 

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