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Christine Fernsebner Eslao cfe98 at hampshire.edu
Mon Nov 24 10:24:49 EST 2003

> As an added bonus, a PDF version of this
> issue has been saved onto my folder on nspublic.  It was insanely easy to
> make.

Are you putting that up somewhere on the web, by any chance? (If not, could 
somebody email it to me?)


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Quoting "Aaron F. Buchsbaum" <afb01 at stout.hampshire.edu>:

> Hey y'all.  So after fineygling (poor yiddish transliteration) with
> InDesign in Cole, the issue finally got printed out.  The basterdly Macs
> didn't have Bluehighway as a font, and thus ALL the titles and ALL the
> bylines had to be changed.  Other than that, the transition from InDesign
> 1.5 to 2.0 was fairly good.  As an added bonus, a PDF version of this
> issue has been saved onto my folder on nspublic.  It was insanely easy to
> make.
> So that's the goodish news, and instead of balancing it out with baddish
> news, I'm simply going to make a few suggestions, all of them related.
> 1.) More staff.
> We have had a lack of layout staff this semester. We all joke about
> the staff boxes from last semester compared to this, but it's really a
> problem.  As has been noted before there is a 'silent majority' that
> would like to see the Omen keep publishing, and publishing well at that.
> We need to recruit them to prevent more work from being distributed
> between
> less people.
> 2.) Layout
> It's no secret that I'm a workhorse, and I'm perfectly willing to whore my
> time to make sure something decent gets
> printed up. However I won't be around next semeseter, and some one (or
> preferably several people- I'll get to that in a moment) needs to step up.
> Presumeably this will fall to Jeff, and god-willing Shalin as well. Jeff
> we know has the skillz as a layout editor, and I have no idea about
> Shalin's, but I assume they're pretty good.  What I want to stress
> is the distribution of responsibility between you guys, and hopefully even
> a few others. The more one person sits in front of Shitty Mac, the more
> they get aggravated, and by consequence the shittier the Omen looks. Back
> in the day
> there were
> individual editors for individual sections- it might be decent idea to go
> back to that, or at least divvy x number of pages between several people.
> 3.) Signers responsibility
> There was a reason Zole made a formal distinction between layout editor
> and editor-in-chief after his reign.  It's stupid for one person to be
> attempting both.  We have 3 signers.  As I see it, one needs to oversee
> layout, one
> needs to oversee PR, and the editor-in-chief needs to run meetings,
> deal with funding, collect articles and possibly even read them (to
> decide appropriate sections) beforehand. I think thing's went
> reasonably well in these respects towards the beginning of the
> semester, but definately not towards the end.  Much of that I feel was due
> to having a second semester Div III as an editor. God-bless you Justin,
> you're totally out of your fucking mind.
> My concern really is for next semester, as the 3 prime candidates for
> signership are ALL going to be Div III's.  This is precisely the reason
> I'm writing this e-mail, and why I think it's a good idea to get
> reasonably organized before the spring semester.  Correct me if I'm wrong
> Jeff, Rebecca and Alli, but come half-way through spring, y'all are gonna
> be wantin to do other shit.
> So basically, we need to recruit and figure out a good way to divvy tasks.
> I realize I'm stating the obvious
> through much of this e-mail, but it's gotta be put out there that this
> issue
> may be the last one I ever lay-out. I think you all know me well
> enough to know that I'm not being narcissistic here- but when a
> weirdo who's willing to put in 14+ hours of work on the Omen in a given
> weekend is leaving for at least 1, if not two semesters, it's gotta be
> accounted for in some way that won't make those who're left (and
> already share some responsibilities) go nuts.
> If you like the Omen, clap your hands (clap clap). Also, make sure it's
> still lookin
> good when I finally do come back.
> That's my very disjointed 2 cents. Someone should send me issues while I'm
> in Ireland.
> Latre
>  Aaron
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