Rebecca Costello rcostello at hampshire.edu
Mon Nov 17 02:32:50 EST 2003

So let me see if I can construct an Omen quote from the basic 
staples. Let's see, throbbing bracketed by big and cock, make fun of 
the Climax somehow, perhaps a dig at Hampshire  Something like...

"Only at Hampshire would something called 'Climax' not have a big 
throbbing cock." Quote attributed to Rebecca Costello A FEMINIST

Ring true?

- R., A F.

P.S. Wow, when I tried to send that Eudora gave me a warning: "Your 
message may cause offense. Your message to omen at lists.hampshire.edu 
regarding "Re: [DEATH TO THE CLIMAX] layout" is the sort of thing 
that might get your keyboard washed out with soap, if you get my 
drift." I can Cancel or Send Anyway, and know which one I will pick, 
but wow. It's like the NSNS of e-mail clients, only funnier. Is it 
because I used "cock" twice? Must suck for people who do 
cockfighting. Damn it, now I've used "cock" more times. Do you think 
it will give me an even sterner warning this time? Like, "I've got 
your mom's e-mail in the address book and I'm telling her what you 
said right now!"

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