[DEATH TO THE CLIMAX] Distribution and so forth

ekd99 at hampshire.edu ekd99 at hampshire.edu
Sun Nov 16 06:13:06 EST 2003

i got my computer back today, after 2.5 months of having to use the public 
library 45 minutes only computers. so...

who do we send articles nowadays?  and after all the bullshit is there any 
angst about alumni articles?  did justin put my police log compilation in?  if 
i send in an article please do some drinking in the pub lab in my honor come 
tequila and a lime make all the worlds problems go away...

in drunken solidarity, 
-beth day, a few margaritas too many and 3am pacific time.  
(i should go to bed but i started reading the jolt and then well, you know.  

Quoting Shalin Scupham <sas03 at stout.hampshire.edu>:

> jack daniels is awesome, but box wine is awesomer.

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