[Asianmedia] wait that email got cut off

Katherine Roman ker10 at hampshire.edu
Thu Jan 16 17:20:08 EST 2014

while heichou is amazing

ok here's the sitch!

*final katsu step*: joe has to reserve the zipcar ASAP, and then we are
GOOD TO GOOOO. joe, if you're reading this, i am actually an email hologram
dude letting you know this stuff, and when you book it plz lemme know~! i
emailed the instructions, it doesn't take long but you need to allow about
a week for the zipcar card to get to you so plz do it by the end of the
month. btw i am buying you sugar jones cookies to say thank you. if u are
not reading this and someone who knows u are plz remind him to grab those
instructions and let me know :3 the cla may or may not be getting on my
case big time and/or getting angry

*Anime Boston Rooms :*Currently we're booked for 3 rooms and 2 hampshire
vans. i've been told that some more folks will be taking a personal
vehicle! *bene*.

pam is giving me a hard time, but it's working out. we requested and were
approved for money for an additional room, we just need to interrogate the
CLA more [izzy put the p card form in carolyn's box but we have no idea if
she got it and a;kf;lekgw apparently it was signed by her and gabi what is
life anymore]

and we *should* be good to go. i get back sunday, and monday i will march
into the cla and roar mightily.

*AB is CLOSED* and we can't take any more people :3
I'll be submitting the registration request the week when i get back! if
you *haven't gotten info to me by next friday, i can't let you go or you'll
have to reg yourself D:* i can only register groups in clumps of ten, and
if it's an entire anime club it has to be done at one time

i mean asian media
who are we kidding we are as of now 99% anime

we are the final frontier, just us.

*Thannkk uuu*
you guys gave responses super fast oh my god imma love on your faces.

When we get back from katsu, i'd like to say thanks to everyone by getting
some special surprise food and maybe making cupcakes! this is by far the
moooost difficult con we've pulled off, and the most ambitious year.
usually we do just AB every year!

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