[Asianmedia] ABupdatey stuff

Katherine Roman ker10 at hampshire.edu
Sun Jan 12 15:25:03 EST 2014


Three things!
One! we are now at *total capacity forever*. Car stuff is being figured
out, and we've requested money for another room! AHOY. That should be
sorted by the end of Janterm.

If you have said you wanted to go to AB and didn't give me your info yet, i
NEED IT ASAP. I'll send out a list of people who expressed interest and
didn't send it yet, but we're working with cutting a check here and running
on the business office's time, which means it's working against everything
that stands for happiness and justice.


Our *last* thing for Katsucon is getting that zipcar reserved. then we're
DONE and can spend the entire con drinking and going to wild hotel parties
hahahahahaha i'm totally joking hahahaha

oh! last thing; in case anyone was somehow worried, i'm working on making a
~wonderful list of directions~ for how to plan cons in the upcoming years,
so if someone you know or you didn't get to go to something, it can and
will happen in the future!

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