[Asianmedia] AAC is all filled up :<

Katherine Roman ker10 at hampshire.edu
Wed Sep 25 18:53:46 EDT 2013

I tried to get every single person on the list, but the people who
responded the fastest were the ones who got on there-we're booking the
hotel BY friday so we needed a list asap!

Here's who I got [and if you did not make the list, there WILL be other
cons. i will enlist every single one of you to help me try and make
Katsucon happen (or a small one up here if that's not possible. for that we
could only take a VERY small amount of people though!) there is also
ConBust at Smith college later on, and we WILL be going to anime boston.]

Anyways: Here's my list. Drivers did get priority, I'm sorry but
transportation *is* key to us going!

3 Signers: Kat, Isabella, *Zach.*

-Ivana Yang,
-Winnie Liu
*-Lani Mohan*
*-Mike Merzel*
*-Pat Skarupa*
*-Annie Leonhardt*
*Matt Wysocki*
*-mes13 *but warning guys, if you people do NOT get back to me with all the
information i requested BY this weekend, we can't go. This is up to you,
and kids--pester your friends. People in italics are all set for giving me
info. everybody else? DO it *noowww*. I'll also be giving out some risk
forms this Friday for you to sign [i believe you need one even if you've
done one at mythos], but do this this this this.

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