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zsm10 at hampshire.edu zsm10 at hampshire.edu
Fri Sep 20 22:53:56 EDT 2013

Your services will be greatly appreciated.  We can discuss details  
further at next week's screening.


Quoting gno13 at hampshire.edu:

> Hi!! I'm really confused so far about how to use this mailing list,  
> but I hope you can see this message--
> I just enrolled to be a defensive driver, and I would be more than  
> willing to drive a van to AAC with the club. I couldn't make it to  
> today's meeting because I'm visiting home this weekend. ; A ;
> If you still need a driver, pick me pick me pick me!! Pretty  
> please!! I heard Troy Baker is going to that con and WOWEE am I all  
> set for some o' that
> SO. please somebody email me back so I know if I can be of service?  
> I hate to be so demanding but my frustration with this email system  
> has been drivin' me up the wall, y'know? OTL
> thanks for hearing me out!!
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