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> Hey everyone!
> Apologies for the delay!  Our first Anime Club Marathon is finally 
> here!  It will take place tomorrow, Saturday, October 5th, in 
> Hasbrouck 20 from 12 - 10 pm!  The theme for this marathon is "Mind 
> F*** / What a twist!"
> (Tl;dr version: skip to the poster)
> Kicking off the day with Paprika will add some spice to your life 
> while at the same time leave you questioning if you're dreaming or 
> not.
> After that you may find yourself trapped in a millennium of confusion 
> as you start to doubt your own reality with Millennium Actress.
> If that's not enough, once you finally find yourself returning to what 
> you believe is reality--what if everything as you know it has suddenly 
> changed?  Join Kasumi and crew as they go through a similar experience 
> in King of Thorn!
> If your mind has not been blown already, surely a trip through Nishi's 
> adventures and newly acquired perspectives on life will play same 
> games with your mind in Mind Game.
> As a University of Massachusetts sponsored club, we have to be a 
> little merciful, and so the Dinner Break  that follows is rather 
> obligatory.  Be thankful.  However, those willing to stay may find 
> themselves curiously entertained with assorted videos.
> When and if you come back you'll soon start to question the concept of 
> time as you wonder where you were a few minutes ago and how you can 
> prove it.  As the origins of your reality are suddenly shaken with 
> hypothetical fantasies, you may find yourself taken aback when you 
> suddenly obtain an external locus of control and become skeptical of 
> any  factual evidence for the history of mankind in Origin: Spirits of 
> the Past.
> And finally, join these curiously surrealistic cats as Nyatto embarks 
> upon a little mind-bending journey to save her sister's soul from 
> Death.  Cats and a surreal plot may very well seem like a recipe for 
> disaster... in that case what better option is there than to come and 
> see what this so called Cat Soup might taste like?
> This lovely poster from our VP, Jace, summarizes our schedule quite 
> nicely:
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> So if you think you've got what it takes to walk in and out without 
> your mind initiating a sequence of self-destruction as you attempt to 
> explore your subconscious for clues of reality, re-affirm your 
> existence in each of the spatial dimensions, and establish your astral 
> position in this multiverse, then by all means come on down and bring 
> your friends!  It'll be fun~ >:)
> Until then, here are some random creepy and surreal photographs to 
> keep you... thinking...
> Surreal Photo: #1, #2, #3, #4
> If that didn't shake you, you might dare to continue to this video on 
> Cuil Theory (I recommend listening to it with your eyes closed in dark 
> room for maximum effect).
> Anyway, that's all for now!  Thanks for reading!  ^^
> Sincerely,
> Josh / UMAC Webmaster

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