[Asianmedia] Halloween happenings?

ker10 at hampshire.edu ker10 at hampshire.edu
Thu Sep 27 11:11:15 EDT 2012


My boyfriend found me wide awake at 3AM too excited to sleep because  
it was almost fall [read, second week of school] and browsing tumblr  
looking at pumpkins and trying to figure out a costume. He also caught  
me obsessivley looking at halloween pictures over the summer, and now  
I have a pet pumpkin.

But, I really want to try and do something for [not on] halloween this  
year! So here's my question to you guys.

Should we have a special halloween screening? [not on hampshire  
halloween] If we don't have time, should we just get halloween snacks  
and apple cider? We could be total dicks and sneak in the great  
pumpkin if we can find it in friggen japanese or something. I wish we  
could watch So Weird, that'd be awesome. Damn Asian Media, always  
being an upstart. Anyways, thoughts?

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