[Asianmedia] Eating at Anime Boston

Katherine Elisabeth Roman ker10 at hampshire.edu
Sat Feb 26 16:25:13 EST 2011

Feed on weaboos. Grow stronger.

When it comes to food, people seem to have some concerns about how they're going
to be able to nom on delicious things forever and ever during the con.

NO, the hotel does not provide breakfast, that would've cost us more money that
we don't have.

NO, ficom doesn't cover meals.

It's Passover, which means I won't be eating anything but matzo, but here's a
general convention tip: Bring snacks.

We're going to try and have a snack pool, preferably one per room. So, everyone
chip in and bring one thing. Fiber bars [are actually pretty tasty], fig
newtons..preferably things that will help you stay full without giving you one
of those stupid sugar energy rushes.


We will, however, have a teapot and shit. You -can- bring tea and cocoa.

Here's a signup list if you'd like to say what you're bringing:


PROTIP: PACK A WATER BOTTLE. Since people tend to run around so much that they
forget that they're dehydrated and die forever, its really important to stay

So,  if each person can bring three of one thing so we have seperate food
storages per room, that'd be great.

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