[Asianmedia] Club tonight

stefan terry pucedragonlord at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 11:40:39 EDT 2010

Our first "real" meeting with our ongoing series is TONIGHT 8-11, IN FPH
EAST LECTURE HALL. If nothing goes wrong there will be FOOD AS WELL. I DON'T

anyhow, the lineup this semester, once again, is Gurren Lagan, Black Lagoon,
Gundam 8th MS squad, Moyashimon, and the show Mononoke (no relation to the
Miyazaki movie, but still awesome).  The order is undecided and probably
will be left up to you guys, and before the show we'll be screening two
episodes of Axis Powers Hetalia (they're 5 minute episodes).

(the) Samurai
How much of life is really there,
and how much in your head?

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