[Asianmedia] Cherry blossoms blow/Screening tomorrow evening/In the pale moonlight

Juliet Sofia Kahn jsk08 at hampshire.edu
Tue Apr 20 23:58:59 EDT 2010

Dearest Asian Media,

How are you? Involved in the lottery? Wheeling and dealing? Ditching some people
and scouting others? I just won a spot in Mod 71 in Enfield, so life is good for
me. Hopefully your living situation next year looks to be as nice as mine.

Anyway, a haiku:

Screening on Wednesday
8 and in the ELH
Anime to watch

Here's another:

Almost finals time
Coffee-drinking and panic
No World of Warcraft!

And another:

A paper to write
And yet: Samurai Champloo
Japan, Israel?

(my paper is on the Six Day War :P)

And another:

Art of the haiku
Capturing life's gracefulness
...And putting off work.




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