[Asianmedia] New Series! (Screening for 3-28)

Sam Ross sar04 at hampshire.edu
Sun Mar 25 21:36:43 EDT 2007

Hey Asian Media,
Hope you all survived your Spring Breaks! And why do I care so much about your
well-being? Well, 'cause y'all need to be alive and kicking to appreciate the
first two episodes of our new regular series:

Great Teacher Onizuka: The Live-Action Drama -
Based off the manga series of the same name, GTO is the tale of Eikichi Onizuka,
the former leader of a motorcycle gang and a karate master who finally achieves
his long held wish of becoming a teacher. However, can he survive his students
who have already driven one teacher to a mysterious death and another to a
nervous breakdown? Hugely popular when released in 2000, according to Tokyopop,
the final episode of the drama was the most watched TV program ever in Japan.

This will be followed by a screening of the first episode of a drama also
popular in Japan right now:

Nodame Cantabile -
Chiaki, a college student but a master pianist, would gladly give it all up to
become a famous conductor. But fears of travel trap him in Japan, and he
wonders how far he can go with his music. One day he runs into Nodame, a fellow
student but much more of a free spirit who begins to remind Chiaki of the
essence of music and his goals.

It all starts this Wednesday, 8PM in the ELH of FPH. Mark your calendars folks!

See you Space Cowboys,

Sam Ross
Box 1384, Hampshire College
893 West Street
Amherst, MA 01002

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