[Asianmedia] Shogun Assassin

lkf05 at hampshire.edu lkf05 at hampshire.edu
Wed Nov 8 16:58:37 EST 2006

Hello everybody,

Just for contrast and fun your female signer has decided to do the polar
opposite of cute anime and brings you, SHOGUN ASSASSIN, a movie banned in Japan
for gore.  Although it was made a long time ago...
It comes from one of the most artistic and widely read manga, Lone Wolf and Cub.
 The plot in the movie is vastly different, as this was a film dubbed (badly!
*grin*) into English and composed of two movies of the original Japanese

When Ogami Itto's wife is slain by the Shogun's ninja, he vows revenge, taking
up the path of damnation with his son Daigoro and working as an assassin for
hire.  This all leads up to a confrontation with the Shogun's Masters of Death
and finally the Shogun himself...

So prepare yourself for amusing dialogue, Hampshire-Film-Student-esque splicing
and lots of gory fun.

And followed by Full Metal Alchemist.  Yay!



Also- Mythos Samurai Game on Saturday
Run around the woods, be samurai, OMG ninja!

We're also going to have an asian food night in the near future.  Send us your
fabulous recipes!!!!!

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