[Asianmedia] 10-6-05 Showing

Samuel sar04 at hampshire.edu
Tue Oct 4 16:39:46 EDT 2005

Hello Asian Media!
     Figured some of you might be interested in knowing just what the hell we'll
be showing this week. As with last week, the screening will be this Thursday
night from 8-10 in the FPH West Lecture Hall.
     Okay, so on with the descriptions; first of all:
     -Densha Otoko-If you missed the first episode last week, now's the time to
check it out. Densha Otoko or Train Man is a charming and silly
live-action(real people) J-Drama about a hopeless Otaku who ends up saving a
woman in high standing from a pervert on a train and she seems to be falling
for him. The word I heard most last week was "awesome" so come check it out.
Densha Otoko will be immediately followed by two episodes of the anime...
     -Hellsing-Set in modern day London, Hellsing is an organization which deals
with threats that other departments aren't really equipped to deal with, namely
vampires and ghouls. Their chief agent is the highly powerful vampire known
only as Alucard, his motives for fighting for such an agency as yet unknown.

Also, if people feel like sticking around longer, we may show a couple episodes
of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, an anime based around Major Matoko
and her partner Batou as they investigate high profile murders and acts of
cyberterrorism in a not so distant future.

Okay, I know the last line of that description sounded lame but it really is a
very pretty anime, so you should all come check it out.

So see you all on Thursday, drag your friends!


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